The first is hypothetical is based on a single elderly widow and single child.   Joan is an eighty years old widow and currently lives independently at home in Massachusetts.  She is in good fiscal health. She receives social security and has some savings.  Recently, Jane, Joan’s only daughter from California, visits Joan on a planned four day trip and discovers several notices from Joan’s bank regarding overdrafts in Joan’s account.  Jane asks Joan about the overdrafts but Joan does not recall writing any checks and is unclear about the state of finances.  Jane also notices numerous prescription bottles.  Some are old and still contain pills while others seem to be new but too many pills have been taken.  Jane is alarmed but what should has found.  Jane realizes that she does not know much about her mother’s finances nor what medications she takes.  Jane needs to discuss these issues in greater detail with Joan, but their time together is limited since Jane is leaving at the end of the weekend.

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