It is important to have a financial plan for the stages of retirement with an emphasis on the late stage retirement planning. Proper planning will allow you to live comfortably and independently during retirement as well as be able to cover the costs of daily care and health expenses. In the event, you have remaining assets upon of your death, planning will allow for the orderly disposition of your assets in the most tax efficient manner to loved ones, family, friends, and/or charities. Retirement planning starts by saving a percentage of your income then investing in products which will either increase in value over time or provide you a steady income stream during retirement. Successful investing is contingent on numerous controllable and uncontrollable factors. You control your investment portfolio with products that you hope will gain value or provide periodic payments. However, you have no control over the direction of the economy. Due to the complexity of financial planning, you may need financial advisers to assist you with you retirement planning; however, trusting someone with your financial future can be problematic.

Financial security in retirement is dependent on understanding financial issues, choosing trustworthy advisers, making good choices, and optimizing resources. The Financial category provides resources and information on retirement planning with an emphasis on late retirement planning.

In conjunction with financial planning, you need to have legal instruments which are enforceable instructions of you wishes. These instruments may include a living will, health care proxy, HIPPA authorization, durable power of attorney, will, and trusts.

The purpose of the Legal category provides resources and information on legal planning for individuals and couples.