The second hypothetical is based on a married couple with two children together, and children from a previous marriage.  A spouse diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Bill is seventy-two years old and Kelly is seventy years old. Bill and Kelly are wealthy and have homes in Connecticut and Florida.   Bill and Kelly have been married for thirty years and they have two children from their marriage.  This is Bill’s second marriage and he has two adult children from a previous marriage.   Bill is in good health, but Kelly has recently been diagnosed with inoperable cancer.  Bill is very distressed by Kelly diagnosis and is unable to make decisions in the best interest of Bill and Kelly.  John, Bill’s son from the first marriage, has volunteered to help.  John is an insurance agent and knowledgeable with some aspects of retirement and planning.  However, John lives in New York.   Kelly is grateful for John’s help, but also desires the assistance of Kelly’s daughter Rachel.  Rachel is much younger than John and has two small children she is raising.  Rachel lives within two miles of Bill and Kelly’s home in Connecticut.

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